Residential Services

Te Rori a Mua Trust offers accommodation for up to 11 residents.

The rooms are spread across 5 buildings:

  • Main house (2 bedrooms)
  • Bedsitter (1 bedroom)
  • Rumpus (3 bedrooms)
  • Cabin (2 bedrooms)
  • Cottage (4 bedrooms)

Residents generally start in the Main house and progress to the Cottage as independence skills are learnt and developed.

All residents have a turn at cooking meals every week with supervised support. Independence is encouraged and chores are on a roster with supervised support.

All houses contain a lounge area. The bedrooms are private.

The facilities include a spa.

The various houses are connected by an intercom system. This enables easy contact with staff and ensures everyone remains safe.

There is always at least one staff member on duty. Usually, there is more than one staff present during the day and one on sleep-over during the night.

Staff are rostered according to activities and needs of residents and day service participants.

Further details on our residential service, including eligibility and application process, may be found in this document. Interested families should contact our manager.